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Hello all.

Been over a year since I last posted a shot on Dribbble. A lot has happened in my life (some good, some bad ) but the rad news is I have joined forces with some incredibly talented people and we have opened a small design led, digital products studio called MakeReign, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We owe a lot to Dribbble and the community as most of our international clients and incoming enquiries come through this platform and it has allowed us to work with some awesome clients, brands and agencies from all over the world. So in the coming months we will be pushing hard to post shots regularly and to keep you updated on what we working on, as well as to showcase some awesome UI concepts that are in the pipeline.

For now here is a quick and very subtle parallax carousel concept to showcase key mobile slides within a desktop case study. It is also a rebound of an old favorite of mine.

Check the video out on http://ift.tt/2nI14vU

Peace ?.

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