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I had the pleasure of working with the Studio Platform team on the designs for our upcoming app store and asset library. Our Studio apps and assets are the simplest way to extend, customize, and elevate your design experience.

The app store lets you connect Studio to the design, productivity, and collaboration tools you and your team use every day. We’ve been working with Atlassian, Salesforce, Getty Images, UserTesting, Dribbble, Google Material Design, and many others to create seamless integrations. You’ll have access to the most seamless digital product design workflow ever created, with apps and assets to bring your creative work and workflow to new heights.

Our asset library, also available right inside Studio, it’s full of content created to help take your screen designs to exciting new places. You’ll find UI kits to jumpstart your next project, components, icons, and typography to speed up your design workflow and more.

Shout out to the team for bringing this together! Can’t wait for you to get your hands on this. 💪🏽

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