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Siempo just launched on Kickstarter today and I’m excited to finally show this concept work I did for them last year. Not all of my designs made it into the final product, but I’m happy to see that the main concepts are still there.

Siempo is a new phone that’s all about cutting out distractions. Last year I collaborated with @[184:Matthew Smith] and the two Siempo co-founders, Jorge and Andreas, during a one-day workshop in Greenville, SC on the ideas around the phone and the “single-field-input” concept.

After the workshop I locked myself in my design cave and busted on some information architecture ideas, some UI designs, and some animations to show off my thoughts around a possible primary interaction model.

You can see the higher quality animations here:

• http://mds.io/jXx8 (texting a contact)

• http://mds.io/jYqD (going into “flow” mode—do not disturb)

Animation created with Adobe Animate (how to)

• http://mds.io/jYX8

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