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Flinto is awesome. It’s super cheap and with nearly no learning curve to get going, you can get some powerful results fast. And no code required.

I’d seen this post on the Framer blog, and as a massive fan of Work & Co I was keen to see what this was all about: http://ift.tt/2oHY5Eu

After reading the article I was thinking if I could create something close to their prototype in Flinto. If you haven’t used Framer before and aren’t particularly versed in JavaScript or CoffeeScript, creating something alike would take quite a bit of time and learning.

I’m aware my example isn’t as smooth and updating it further might require extra work, but this entire thing took me about 5 hours. Each “tap” moves you through the views & “long tap” opens the menu items from any view.

We create prototypes for various needs and purposes, and one of Framer’s biggest strengths is it’s versatility and ability to inject logic as it’s code based. However Flinto shines when you need to get something done quick and dirty.

Anyway this was a fun experiment. I’d love to hear what tools you use and why!

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