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Hello Dribbble!

“It’s time to redesign Zajno’s website!” Actually, the idea has been growing in our mind for a long time. Now, we’ve finally decided to put it forward, and so we created a design challenge to come up with a new concept of our website.

Goals: creating an original, unconventional website that would adhere to the nature of our agency and would show our designing skills at their best.

Approach: we opted for perspective scrolling. We thought it’s pretty cool because in this way we could create the illusion of space and depth that looks vibrant. While scrolling into the deep, the terrain underneath would move together with the data that would approach from the distance, telling you our story step-by-step.

Results: we ended up with a v.1 of the website that may and may not be just what we’re looking for. Since this is WIP, there will be updates to come. However, we’re still in search, so we’ll appreciate any feedback from you, guys.

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