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**DOWNLOAD LINK** https://creativemarket.com/Craftwork/1784852-Method-Wireframe-Kit-200-Blocks?u=KVArts

Method. Find your method of being incredibly fast in really good prototyping.

• Video Preview: https://youtu.be/pRmLxadPJM0

• Live Presentation: https://getcraftwork.com/method/

• Download Demo: https://getcraftwork.com/method-wireframe-kit/


• Create prototypes in a few minutes. With our universal blocks you will create your prototype without any difficulties. Really fast.

• You are not alone. Collaborate with your colleagues. Work and discuss your projects in team.

• Change any element in the prototype as you need. Use symbols and styles to change everything as you wish in only a few clicks.

• More than 200 ready-to-use components in 15 popular categories. Headers, Features, Blogs, Call to Action, Contacts, Dashboards, E-commerce, Footers, Forms, Navigation, Portfolio, Pricing Tables, Socials, Teams & Testimonials

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