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Solid, customizable and scalable design system allows rapid web / mobile development with free popular material frameworks: Material.angular.io & Material-ui-next.com

I spent my christmas holidays having fun building this components-based design system for React/Angular prototyping in Material Design environment. Overall it was a kind of challenge! This kit contains more than 240+ scalable and constrained elements, paginated and prepared to equip your team with library. Some custom components also included. For example, you could find Gradient- and Ghost- buttons besides default Raised / Accent buttons. Classic filled inputs, recolored navigation drawer, soft reflex shadows, as the example how customizable it is within symbol overrides.

So, less speak – more showcase ๐Ÿ™‚

Landing page for this product: http://setproduct.com/material

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I appreciate your feedback to motivate me add more components in next update. Cheers!

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