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Published on Dribbble / ui | Paolo Spazzini 🇮🇹 Linkedin Company Page • Redesign + Dribbble Invite

Hi players! 🖐🏼

Today I share with you part of my LinkedIn redesign: I started from the company page.

I think we all (more or less) have the same opinion on both LinkedIn UI and UX 😩

I tried to give a fresher look and feel and to reorganize the information architecture ✔️

Check this out, like, comment and share your thoughts!

Thank you 🙏🏼

I got an invite too, do you want to be drafted? 🏀

Send me your best works at paolospazzini.unitn@gmail.com

New player announced october 5th 🗓


Close Drawer


Inspired by Material Design & FORM