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I’ve been in a bit of a design slump lately. So to help get myself out of it, I’ve decided to take on another Daily UI challenge. ThirtyUI is a 30 Day challenge similar to DailyUI (which was 100 days).

The 100 day challenge I took back in 2016 was super beneficial too me and this time I plan to get more out of it in a shorter amount of time. My goal is to complete each project each day under 1-Hour – That means Design+Animated.



Overview & Thinking:

• Feature more appealing product photography

• The site needs to look more modern, clean, easy to navigate.

• We should feature some of our other KitKat™ products on the homepage.

When talking about selling food, KitKat has is nailed. Red is a great color to trigger someone to eat/get hungry. So we have that working for us. Next, we have to realize that this is a candy website … many people are coming to either buy candy, look at info regarding the company or just browse. The current site hides a lot of things behind menus that don’t really need to be. So I brought some of those smaller elements forward (like the Nestle Cocoa Plan). In the hero, giving the user a clear, easy and engaging animation/design will hopefully help pull them down the page to read more. Next is the 3-up product showcase; I decided to only show 3 products at a time to keep the visual impact down so they can just focus on what they what to and then navigate left/right if they want to see more products.

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