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Hi guys,

A few months ago (1,2,3 not sure) we pitched for the first time in our agency’s life. Usually, we really don’t pitch for projects, and probably won’t unless the project is really interesting or for a bigger client.

We won the pitch and are working with the client as we speak. It is a big overhaul of a very famous social media monitoring app. Current designs look almost nothing to the pitch we sent, as we had to change a lot to accommodate to various user requests etc.

So this is a conceptual re-design of their current overview page i did in 6 hours. I will share real designs as soon as they get greenlit by the client.

A bit of a backstory: It is for a social media (Instagram, facebook etc.) monitoring application that allows you to review analytical data of your social profiles performance, community, content, and communication.

Attached is an overview of some charts and data and how we envisioned it looking. Data is conceptual so yeah most likely not very useful 🙂 Design style is what we were aiming for.

All the best,


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