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After watching @[3132:Dann Petty] latest episode in regards to the “Unsolicited feedback” it got me thinking….I loved what he did…but one thing was not sitting right with me, this is a site all about colors…so I wanted that if you want to select another color…you have a bit more choice with a bigger color box.

So here was my personal thought of how to implement it. Having the color picker come from its side and overlapping the other gradient, showing its connected to the one you are on. (plus i left some room that if you like a certain color from the gradient you are on…you still have the choice to choose from there.) Still keeping all the components that @[414979:unfold] @[14268:Eddie Lobanovskiy] did in their site.

With all this said… I still love the way the site is currently and this is just my thoughts. Big props to whoever made it happen!

Side note…

I know it is not a feature on the site…but thought there was even space to add a “Save as Copy” button where if you really liked the first gradient you had you would not need to overwrite it.

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