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Steve is a Student Preparing for his Exam, his age is 16 from Germany

User Story:


Steve is a school student he always does hard but he won’t get the high marks in the exam.In the contrary his friend Jack spent less time in study and score high grade:

Pain points:


Every student does their hard work before the exam, but what is the primary difference between the topper and other student is a simple thing. It’s “PLANNING”, topper usually plans their study.

App Usage:


This app will help the ISE, CBSE, State board student. They need to just select the class and exam, we will make the best study plan for him which will help to attain the mark he has intended.

He can pick the plan which suits for us then we can customize the plan.

Interaction user:


Rearracnge Interaction

Move animation



He can rearrange the subjects

He can move the subject to the next day

He can reduce the number of days

Images credit to Big brand team: Futura


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Software used: Sketch + Principle

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Inspired by Material Design & FORM