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Hello dribbblers,

I know i haven’t been around for a while but i do have a solid excuse. Around four months ago i moved to NYC, the city which i really enjoy living in. href=”https://www.facebook.com/100007303089592/posts/1815462162040536/?pnref=story” rel=”nofollow noreferrer”>I’ve left the note here btw, so you are welcome to check it out.

Downside of that venture is, i’ve had so much on my plate since then so it’s only recently i decided to finally renew my regular posting here.

Why i wanted to start off with sharing this one? I’ve received quite a bunch of messages from people asking how it was managed for this shot to be entirely illustrated in Principle. I hope you guys find the attachments helpful in clearing it up all once.

All questions and suggestions i’ll gladly address in the comment section below.

See you in a week with a new addition. Cheers!

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