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Recently we have been working closely with Keller Williams to create digital tools which will empower their real estate agents to be successful. Our goal has been to not only solve for the agent workflow challenges, but also to craft a delightful experience in a space where products lean more towards utilitarian in functionality and tone.

This example shows our explorations into the desktop experience where a user would be looking up a user profile. We are using a drawer to display the contact contextually over their current experience since this profile can show up a couple of places throughout the system. We wanted a user to be able to retain their sense of space while still delivering a rich experience in all cases.

For more insight into what the team is working on with Keller Williams, be sure to follow along at @[104120:Handsome]

Special thanks to @[1068166:Justin Rey] @[1807291:Willy Morgan] @[216043:Christine Soules] @[1086565:John Berry].

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