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Hey guys!

This is the animated app design of a gift giving app we created here, at Zajno, for Altruus, the future of gift giving, and old friends of ours. This app has got a huge advantage over their competitors, as they bring the “X” factor to the table. I cannot tell you what it is though. Not sure you’re good at keeping secrets.

Goals: Creating a mobile app that would allow people to give gifts to the friends and family they are connected to via Facebook. The goal of this particular animation is showing how to use this application.

Approach: Since the app is going to be used by a wide range of people, it has to be intuitive to use. That’s why we concentrated on user experience. As for the UI, we tried to keep it clean and visually appealing. While creating this animation we followed the basic principles of animation including Squash and Stretch, Bounce and Arc, so that every detail looks natural and alive.

Results: We ended up with a clean and smooth app, which is simple and intuitive in use and looks pretty nice. Let us know whether you think we’ve managed to reach our objective. We’re always happy to hear from you, guys!

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