UI & UX & Graphic Professionals: Best Facebook and LinkedIn Groups to Join

“I’m sure, like us, you get bombarded with UX/UI information from a million different directions. Filtering out the important from the unnecessary is a struggle. You don’t want to miss out on anything, so you spend too many late night hours searching for the right blogs or sites to find good UX /UI news. If so, let us introduce you to: Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups. There you will discover the fine-tuned version of the most important UX / UI content that you’ve been looking for, plus you’ll get a full night’s rest knowing you aren’t missing a thing.” Any resource you think it’s worth to be included, please feel free to give a message below in the comment area or simply drop me a line on LinkedIn.Facebook Groups:1. Service Design2. Interaction Design Association3. User Experience Professionals Association4. Graphic Designer Jobs5. Graphic Design6. UI/UX Designers7. Graphic Designers are hotter than architects!8. Graphic Design related Question and Answers9. Graphic Designers10. User Experience Professionals Association (UXPA)11. Top Web Designer12. Web Design & Development (Assad)13. Design Experience14. Freelance Web Designers/ Developers/SEO Experts15. Web Development & Design16. WEB DESIGN17. UI/UX design Jobs18. Design (UI/UX)19. UI/UX Designer Group20. Ui/UX & Graphic Design Jobs21. UI & UX Developer22. Programming Laman Web + UI/UX23. design24. Web Design & WordPress Hel25. Designindia26. Design+Code27. Web design and development28. Web Design and Development29. Freelance Graphic Design Jobs30. Web DesignerLinkedIn groups:1. Designers – Web/Graphic, User Experience (UX, UI), Interaction Design (IxD)2. Designers Talk: Graphic, web, digital design and creative professionals group3. User Experience4. User Experience Professionals Network5. UX / CX / Product / Strategy6. Web Design7. UX design8. UI / UX / User Interface Developer / Designer9. Web Design and Development10. Interaction Design Foundation11. User Experience Professionals Association12. Mockplus – Prototype Faster. Smarter. Easier.13. Lean UX14. Design Research15. Mobile Apps professionals16. UI/UX User Experience Interactive Designer / Wireframes17. Web Usability (UI& UX) and Interface Design18. Communication Arts19. Design Thinking Group20. Web Design and Web Development – Designmodo21. Graphic designer & art director22. Creative Designers and Writers23. UX Professionals24. UX/UI Architects25. UX Design. Information Architecture26. Top Web Designers27. Mobile, Wearable, and Everything User Experience28. UX Designer29. UI / UX Developers30. UX Pros: Largest User Experience Group: Usability Design Web UI Graphic Interactive Digital CX Jobs31. Linked Designer32. Design Thinking33. UI/ UX Design Inspiration34. Web Designer and HTML/CSS Developer35. Graphic Designer Lounge“Do…1. follow the community rules for each group2. post links to relevant and interesting resources3. get involved in discussions4. ask questions, give answersDon’t…1. post spam2. self-promoteFollow these simple guidelines and you’ll find that joining Facebook and LinkedIn groups will help you make connections, build your reputation and, ultimately, make you a better UX / UI professional.”You may also interested in:The Surprising Facts Regarding Design Recruitment Nobody Has Ever Told You8 Most Frequently Asked Questions by UI NewbiesEssential UX Design Tools to Boost Your Productivity6 UX Abilities to Master as a Freah Graduate

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