Recreate the Instagram Icon in Adobe XD (Tutorial by Dansky)

? This tutorial by Dansky will show you how to create the Instagram Icon in Adobe XD, a great starting point for creating icons of your own!

This video tutorial is part of Dansky’s Adobe XD Tutorial Series – all available on YouTube:

If you enjoyed this tutorial and are interested in becoming more experienced with Adobe XD,  consider taking Dansky’s in depth Adobe XD course over on Udemy:

How to Design & Prototype in Adobe XD

What you’ll learn

The course covers everything from basic tools, through to creating full interactive prototypes which you can use to test on real users:

Section 1: Basic Tools
Creating Artboards
Lines & Shapes
Adding Text
Borders, Fills & Shadows
The Pen Tool
Section 2: Advanced Tools
Importing & Masking Images
Importing SVG Files
Combining Shapes
Aligning & Positioning Objects
The Repeat Grid Tool


Section 3: Designing Assets
Menu Icon
Location Icon
Select Icon
Search Icon
Options Icon


Section 4: Prototyping
Linking Screens & Transitions
Exporting Assets
Sharing Prototypes

Instructor Biography

Daniel White, Designer & Instructor

Daniel White is a professional designer with over 10 years experience, who loves to share his knowledge and expertise, helping aspiring creatives to develop their skills. Since 2010, when Daniel founded his own design studio, he has worked with a variety of clients, delivering projects for branding, print and the web.