3 Step Overview of InVision

Essentially, InVision uses images you have already created, and links them together into clickable prototypes.


1. Import your Screens ?  2. Create Clickable Hotspots ?  3. Share and Comment

1. InVision depends on imported screens ?


  • InVision uses existing images exported from Photoshop or Sketch:


  • Drag and drop images from your computer into InVision in the browser: 

2. Create clickable hotspots ?


  • Click and drag to create clickable areas on your wireframes that link to different screens:


  • Link screens together and add gestures to create a fully clickable prototype:

3. Share and comment ?


  • Share with anyone via email:
  • Receive feedback directly on your wireframe images:

Hope this gave you a general overview, but InVision does lots more too – check out the rest of the library resources ?