Five Minutes to Understand the User Experience Definition

What is user experience definition? With the development of industry technology and methodology, websites and web applications become increasingly complex. The content of original static web pages becomes so rich, which greatly enhances the interactive design and experience. Human interaction with the system is what we called the user experience (UX). Websites,web applications and Desktop Programs are systems, known in the concept of human-computer interaction (HCI).


1. User Experience’s Definition

According to the definition of UX, an excellent UX designer focuses more on the interactive level of products. Namely, in which way is the product displayed to the users? For example, how does the panel pop up? How does the user respond to the panel? Where is the hot spot in the product? UX designing process lays more emphasis on the web contents and website map building. UX designers study and evaluate a system’s user experience concerned with the system’s ease of use, value, practicality, efficiency, etc.

2. The Difference Between UX and UI

In fact, although UI and UX have a certain commonality, the definition of user experience is not equal to user interface. UX is a very large category while UI is only a small part of UX to some degree. UI design focuses on the color and layout. Take a vivid example: if we need to design a button, UI designers will design from visual level of this button, such as the shape, size, color, etc. However, the UX designer will consider how to place the button from the perspective of users’real needs and how to solve the practical problems. Therefore, to distinguish UX from UI is a key to help us deeper understand the user experience definition.


3. Why UX Becomes So Important Nowadays

Recently, with the concept of user-centered design continues to be strengthened, to enhance the importance of user experience design has become increasingly prominent. Over the past ten years, we all have witnessed a huge progress in web design. But web has become so complex and rich in functionality. If we want to enable webs to become efficient, the webs must deliver a good user experience design.

In addition, ways of users’ browsing the site are of variety: mobile devices, various browsers and a variety of ways to connect to the internet, which also makes us be aware of the importance of usability. In terms of web-based products, it is not enough to only meet the demands of screen reader and non-traditional input devices, but also needs to satisfy the demands of those who do not have broadband connections or use the old-fashioned mobile devices, etc. With these gigantic changes, those easy-handling and pleasant websites have stuck out.

How to create a website? Giving users a fantastic user experience has become the main driving factor of development.

In essence, UX should follow a principle, that is, users are always supreme. The user’s feelings are very important, and their preferences and needs are what we should pay attention to. Not only should our products be designed based on ourvision, but also they should put user’s needs in the first place in the design.


4. How to Be An Excellent UX Designer

Sometimes, although people are aware of what is the definition of UX, they are not capable of designing excellent stuff. Thus, if you want to be an successful UX designer. You should do the following:

a) Convey feelings and reduce cognitive load

b) Listen to the users’ voice, and pay attention to their feedback and iteration by conducting user interview

c) Allow users to use your design conveniently in their usage scenarios

d) Provide values for the users

So, what is user experience definition? To sum up, the most important thing of how to be an excellent UX designer is that you need to design a useful product and help users to solve practical problems. In common parlance, there are three features of an excellent UX designer : usefulness, ease-of-use and safety to use.




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