Design a Progress Bar | Adobe XD Tutorial

This tutorial Dansky will show you how to design a progress bar. It’s part of Dansky’s Adobe XD Tutorial Series – all available on YouTube:

Want More?

If you enjoyed this tutorial and are interested in becoming more experienced with Adobe XD,  consider taking Dansky’s in depth Adobe XD course over on Udemy:

How to Design & Prototype in Adobe XD

The course covers everything including:
  • Basic tools (e.g. artboards, shapes, pen tool)
  • Advanced tools (e.g. image masks, SVG files, repeat grids)
  • Designing Assets (e.g. menu/location/search icons, navigation, tags)
  • Prototyping (linking screens, adding transitions, exporting and sharing)

Instructor Biography

Daniel White, Designer & Instructor
Daniel White is a professional designer with over 10 years experience, who loves to share his knowledge and expertise, helping aspiring creatives to develop their skills. Since 2010, when Daniel founded his own design studio, he has worked with a variety of clients, delivering projects for branding, print and the web.

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