3 Step Overview of Quant-UX

1. Design ?  2. Test ?  3. Analyse

Quant-UX is one of the most complete prototyping solutions on the market – rather than using one tool for wireframes, another to create app flows, and yet another for user testing… Quant-UX does it all in one place.

1. Design ?

  • Import designs from Sketch or Photoshop:
  • Or create wireframes using prebuilt widgets (from Material Design to Bootstrap) for a faster design process:
  • Also, link screens together to create a full app flow.

2. Test ?

  • Everything in Quant-UX, from text boxes to buttons, is fully interactive – so you can create fully functional prototypes to test on your users right away:
  • Run your prototype on a mobile devices using the QR Code, and automatically record how your prototype is being used.
  • Create A/B tests to see how users react to changes in your app:

3. Analyse ?

  • Play back video recordings to see exactly how your app was used. See the video play on the left, and track user events on the right:
  • Set up ‘tasks’ to see if the user completed specific actions during usability testing:
  • Analyse heat maps, gestures, user journeys, and much more:

? The aim of this post was to provide a quick overview of Quant-UX. However, there are lots more features in this excellent tool, check them out on the Quant-UX website: