3 Step Overview of Fuse

Fuse is comparable to development environments like Android Studio or XCode, but is tailored towards collaboration between designers and developers. Here’s a very quick overview in 3 steps:


1. Code your app with UX Markup ?  2. Collaborate during the development process ?  3. Create native apps

1.Code your app with UX Markup

  • Use your favourite text editor to code your UI with UX Markup. This is a simple syntax, making it easier for designers to understand the code and make changes:
  • You can also import designs directly from Sketch (this feature is still in experimental mode):

2. Collaborate during the development process

  • Use ‘Visual Tools’ that make collaboration between developers and designers easier:
  • Designers and developers can work side-by-side, making changes using the real time preview

3. Create native apps

  • Create interactive motion that works natively in simple markup:
  • Additionally, you can make use of real data such when building your apps