3 Step Overview of Flinto for Mac

1. Import/Create Screens ?  2. Add Gestures and Micro-interactions ?  3. Run and Share prototypes

1. Import/Create Screens ?

  • Import from Sketch
    Import from Sketch (Image: sketchapphub.com)
    Import from Sketch (Image: sketchapphub.com)


  • Or create elements in the Flinto UI

2. Add Micro-Interactions, Transitions and Gestures

    • Use the Flinto editor to animate elements in response to different gesture types:flinto01
  • Adjust the animation and effect timing:
    Adjust tension, friction and velocity of movement
    Preview interactions in the editor


3. Run and Share Prototypes

  • Run your prototype in device preview mode, or connect a real device such as an iPhone:

    Image Source: Flinto
  • Share app using iOS Viewer App available on the Apple App Store