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Our Sketch Plugin for exporting to Atomic is here

A lot of you use Sketch.

We do too, and love it. Paired with Atomic, it’s our drawing tool of choice for many good reasons. It’s smart, powerful, minty fresh and built for UX design. We know that lots of people are using Sketch and Atomic, so thought it was time we supercharge that workflow to make prototyping even faster.

Atomic Sketch Plugin

Copy & pasting into Atomic has been handy, but now with the Atomic Sketch Plugin you can send entire Sketch designs to Atomic in seconds – including multiple artboards, moveable groups, and individual layers.


How does it work?

Select the artboards you want to bring into Atomic and choose an export scale and granularity. There are three options:

  1. One image – Exports each artboard as a flat image to an Atomic page.

  2. Multiple images with groups flattened – Brings each top level layer and group across as a flat image, together making the artboard layout in an Atomic page.

  3. Individual images for each layer – Every layer will be brought across as an image, still matching your Sketch artboard layout in an Atomic page… and retaining your layer naming and structure.

Then, select which Atomic Project you want the export to live. If you’d like, you can even import it to Atomic as a new design.

Ready to get started? Download the plugin here – it takes no time install.

More to come

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the Sketch Plugin, please let us know by emailing hi@atomic.io or mention us on Twitter.

We’d love it if you help us spread the word – you may even win an Atomic tee!