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Even Super Heroes, Don’t Brush!

Published on | Prototyping: From UX to Front End — Medium Johny vino Source: pixabay.com “Life is short. Smile when you have Teeth” Dad: Johny Johny… Son: Yes Papa… Dad: Selfie fanatic? Son: Yes Papa…Dad: Fuzzy eater? Son: Yes Papa… Dad: Attention seeker? Son: Yes Papa… Dad: Open Your mouth… Son: Ha….Nooooooo…..Papa… Dad: Why? Son: My teeth is not shiny. Dad: Need a dentist? Son: Yes Papa…..:) PROBLEM “Confidence is the best defence”Expressing first time to your crush?Running for a very important conference?Getting espoused?All you need is a wide Grin with more conviction. What you will need is a dentist

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