How can we improve?

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With your feedback we can make our prototyping comparison tool more accurate and useful for everyone. The tool is based on a rating system that’s open to change with your input, and as the tools change over time.

If you have any suggestions of how we can improve anything, or think a tool has be rated incorrectly and want to send abuse, just let us know.

13/10/16 Update: We’ve already had a lot of great feedback via email, and are now opening this page for comments, so feedback can be public ?. Of course you can still send feedback via this email form if you prefer.

6 responses on “How can we improve?


    Summary of feedback:
    * Move and atomic at the start of the layer interaction tools section, as both are layers oriented, have layer interactions, components etc – totally different from tools like InVision
    * Add Affinity designer, Macaw,, Pixate


    ?Add Keynote
    ?Add Flinto and Webflow *09/10/16 Flinto added
    ?Add ProtoPie *Added 01/10/16

  3. pimgeek

    Please consider adding this to your toolbox:
    Mobile prototyping tool without headache, Create your app prototype in 10 minutes


    Please consider TestLab for your list of tools. Check out . Merry christmas ?

  5. Hans Gerwitz ?

    Sharing only as food for thought: when we considered tools we ended up finding two dimensions most meaningful. They map roughly to your “fidelity” and “interactivity”. It might be nice if this tool allowed comparing 2 “blue” dimensions.

    (See also and )

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