How can we improve?

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With your feedback we can make our prototyping comparison tool more accurate and useful for everyone. The tool is based on a rating system that’s open to change with your input, and as the tools change over time.

If you have any suggestions of how we can improve anything, or think a tool has be rated incorrectly and want to send abuse, just let us know.

📌 13/10/16 Update: We’ve already had a lot of great feedback via email, and are now opening this page for comments, so feedback can be public 😉. Of course you can still send feedback via this email form if you prefer.

6 responses on “How can we improve?


    Summary of feedback:
    * Move and atomic at the start of the layer interaction tools section, as both are layers oriented, have layer interactions, components etc – totally different from tools like InVision
    * Add Affinity designer, Macaw,, Pixate


    💡Add Keynote
    💡Add Flinto and Webflow *09/10/16 Flinto added
    🎈Add ProtoPie *Added 01/10/16

  3. pimgeek

    Please consider adding this to your toolbox:
    Mobile prototyping tool without headache, Create your app prototype in 10 minutes


    Please consider TestLab for your list of tools. Check out . Merry christmas 🎅

  5. Hans Gerwitz 🗽

    Sharing only as food for thought: when we considered tools we ended up finding two dimensions most meaningful. They map roughly to your “fidelity” and “interactivity”. It might be nice if this tool allowed comparing 2 “blue” dimensions.

    (See also and )

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